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    Daily vlogs following the lives of Clintus and his family. Watch as they live life to the fullest and share it with the world. Whether it's dirt bike riding, camping, traveling, or just having some good old family fun, you're sure to enjoy their videos. Меньше
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  • Dirt Bike Videos Воспроизвести все

    Dirt bikes have been a part of my life since I was a kid and not my kids are getting into them! We don't ride often, but when we do it's always a great time. Here's a playlist of all our dirt bike rides.
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  • NERF Gun Videos! Воспроизвести все

    We're big fans of Nerf guns and blasters and love to battle it out as a family! Here's a playlist of all our Nerf videos!
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  • Fun at the Arcade! Воспроизвести все

    We love playing video games and winning tickets at the arcade! Here's a playlist of all our arcade adventures!
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  • Camping and Dirt Bike Riding with The Swags 2017 Воспроизвести все

    Our annual camping trip with The Swags! We pack up our travel trailers and dirt bikes and head to Northern Arizona for some family fun in the cool weather!
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  • Monster Jam Воспроизвести все

    Big fans of Monster Jam! We try to go to at least one event a year, sometimes more! Who's your favorite driver? What's your favorite Monster Jam truck?
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