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  • YouTube Creators for Change: Humza Arshad

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    Humza Arshad is a British and Pakistani YouTube comedian based in the U.K. Widely known for his Diary of a Badman series on YouTube, Humza also uses his self-deprecating comedy to tackle difficult issues like extremism and gang violence. He has even done school tours in the U.K where he’s spoken to kids about embracing their identities and countering hate and extremism. For more on Humza, visit his channel: https://www.youtube.com/use... Меньше
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  • ProudToBe: Aware Воспроизвести все

    Despite recent advances in rights for LGBTQ people in the United States, challenges remain at home and abroad.
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  • #ProudToBe Talking About Mental Health Воспроизвести все

    LGBTQ creators share their varied experiences with mental illness in the hopes of providing resources and starting conversations around this taboo subject.
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    Need a quick Pride 101? These creators are here to tell you what it's like and help you do it right!
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  • #ProudToBe Looking Back Воспроизвести все

    Where did Pride come from, and what did those early festivities look like? This is what Pride looked like in its infancy.
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  • Creators for Change Fellows Воспроизвести все

    Get to know some of our #CreatorsforChange fellows who are making content that challenges tough topics like hate and extremism, and spreading positive messages.
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    Ranging from news to sketch comedy, stay informed with all the best content created for and by the women of YouTube.
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    Popular videos from the #YouTubeBlack creator community.
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