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Two spearfishermen hit by 3 5 meter Bull Shark

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Опубликовано: 11 дек. 2016 г.

3.5 meter Bull Shark menaces and attacks two Spearfishermen

Spearfishing at Miall Island (near Yeppoon, QLD Australia)
About three years ago I got rammed by a large Bull Shark at the SW Corner of Miall Island. I made a video about it and sent the story to the spearfishing magazine at that time.
Guess what, 3 days ago, exactly at the same location two of us (Nathan Sanders) and I got hit by another (or the same ?) large Bull Shark. Nathan had shot a large Coral Trout and he and Deon took 10 minutes to retract his trout which was stuck under a ledge. This commotion must have attracted this 3.5 meter Bull Shark in the first place. Nathan got his trout into the boat and went back into the water. The large Shark approached him from behind, grazed his legs, tummy and his head. Nathan used his hands to deflect it and made it into the boat. I wasn't aware what just happened to Nathan and shot a decent Tuskfish (maybe 6-7 kg). The slip tip from my spear was deeply embedded in the Tuskfish's head. There was no way to get the fish off my spear. The Bull Shark made the first pass and swum away with a figure of 8 pattern. I got a freight due to its immense size but thought ok, the fish is mine and I wasn't too far from my boat. I held fish on my spear in my left hand and swum to the boat. I was maybe 15 meter from my boat as I got hit on my left hip/Tuskfish and rolled over. I switched my GoPro on and and captured the Shark for the first 5 seconds where you can see the size of it. I swum to my boat (Nathan was standing in it and Deon was at the ladder) and yelled (or better cursed) that I just got hit by a 3.5 meter Bull Shark. Nathan replied: And so did I......
video about it. Nathan has also a GoPro and he switched his camera on as the Shark grazed his body. I can only say that I am extremely glad that I didn't had to explain to Nathan's parents if this brute would have taken him. Somebody was watching over Nathan on that day.   
I got nine life's but they are pretty much used up (LOL).

We went Shark fishing (catch and release) for this Bull Shark yesterday. I would have loved some underwater footage from it. I used a small 2 kg Tuskfish as Bait and we got a strike two hours later. It was an epic battle but as we got it up to my boat - I could see on the copper-greenish color that it was a 4 meter Tiger. We hooked the wrong Shark !!! We didn't do any videos as we had 20 knots and 2 meter steep swells. It was extremely risky for Deon to steer the boat and to avoid that the wire trace gets wrapped around the motor. We decided to get footage in calm water. I just wanted some videos from this monster and release it after the video & photo shoot. As we were halfway around the island in calm waters we could still see tis tail and then it snapped our large hook. What a disappointment !!!
Today, my lower back, shoulders and arms are sore from this Tiger and it was all for nothing.

Do you remember the one spearfisherman (about one year ago ) who got attacked by a Shark at Miall Island ? He ended up with lacerations in Hospital.
Folks, if you really want to spear around Miall Island (especially on the SW side - be extremely careful. I was only aware of this residential 3.5 meter Bull Shark As you can see, Tiger's roam there as well. Enjoy the video !


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