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MMA Fighter Gets Three Second KO Cheapshot After Glove Touch

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Опубликовано: 7 янв. 2017 г.

THIS is either one of the fastest MMA knockouts you’ll ever see, or one of the most despicable acts ever seen in the octagon.

Ibragim Khalilov took down Bakhtiyar Barotov barely before the bell had even stopped ringing to begin their bout at WBK 22 in China.

It’s how he did so that has upset fans.

Khalilov looks to have suckered the unfortunate Barotov with a fake glove touch before smoking him with a single punch.

It might have been cheap but it sure was effective: Khalilov took the win.

There’s nothing specifically against the rules in what he did, but Khalilov was slammed for breaking one of the sport’s ‘unwritten rules’.

“One of those rules is not to cheap-shot your opponent off a glove touch. Someone may want to inform Ibragim Khalilov of said unwritten rule,” wrote Bleacher Report’s Nathan McCarter

UFC bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt had some sage advice that Barotov will no doubt heed in the future.


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