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Starset - Monster (Official Music Video)

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Опубликовано: 11 янв. 2017 г.

From the album Vessels - available now
iTunes: http://geni.us/vessels
Amazon: http://geni.us/vesselsamz
Google Play: http://geni.us/vesselsgp
Apple Music: http://geni.us/monsteram
Spotify: http://geni.us/monsterspotify

Directed by Punkcity
Additional work by James Buran

Download the Starset Youtube Toolkit here: http://starsetonline.com/toolkit

Information on upcoming tours and demonstrations at http://starsetonline.com

Under the knife I surrendered
The innocence yours to consume
You cut it away
And you filled me up with hate

Into the silence you sent me
Into the fire- consumed
You thought I'd forget
But it's always in my head

You're the pulse in my veins
You're the war that I wage.
Can you change me?
Can you change me?

You're the love that I hate
You're the drug that I take
Will you cage me?
Will you cage me?

You're the pulse in my veins
You're the war that I wage.
Can you change me?
Can you change me?

From the monster you made me

This is the world you've created
The product of what I've become
My soul and my youth
It's all for you to use
If I could take back the moment
I let you get under my skin
Relent or resist?
Seems the monster always wins

My heart's an artifice, a decoy soul
I’ll lift you up and then I’ll let you go
I've made an art of digging shallow holes
I drop the darkness in and watch it grow

My heart's an artifice, a decoy soul
Who knew the emptiness could be so cold?
I've lost the pieces that could make me whole
I am the darkness
I'm the monster

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