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10 Unbelievable Shark Attacks!

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Опубликовано: 6 янв. 2017 г.

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4 - Brook Watson
The 14-year-old British boy was swimming alone in Havana harbour in Cuba in 1749 when what many believe to be the first ever recorded shark attack transpired. The ferocious sea monster attacked twice, once biting off the flesh from Watson's right calf and next devouring his ankle of the same leg which needed to be immediately amputated in order to save the boy's life. His left leg was amputated just below the knee and in a Cuban hospital, the boy named Brook Watson recovered in three months. In his adult life, Brook went on to serve as Sheriff of London and Middlesex before becoming a member of the British Parliament for the city of London and later, as the Duke of York. At the age of 61 Brook took on the role of Lord Mayor of London. A painting depicting his battle and survival of the shark attack called Watson and the Shark was completed in 1778 by the artist John Singleton Copley. Today, the somewhat morbid piece of art hangs in the National Gallery of Art which is located in Washington D.C.

3 - Todd Endris
In the year of 2007, a young American man named Todd Endris was ripping the curl as he surfed just outside of Monterey bay, a coast of the Pacific Ocean located near Santa Cruz California when a 12-foot monster of a shark leaped out of the water's surface and bit down on both Todd and his surfboard. The shark paused to spit out the wooden surfing board before gearing for a second attack, the shark dove forward, tearing huge gashes into Todd's leg and back. Todd, paralysed with fear felt his life draining out of him, he knew he was a goner as he floated in the waves and his blood continued to flow out of him, but then, a very strange thing happened. A pod of dolphins intervened in the attack, circling his blood and water soaked body as others chased off the confused shark. Todd felt a surge of pure adrenaline rush through his injured body as he made his way in a struggled paddle back to the beach shores. A quick call to 911 and some life-saving dolphins are the reasons that Todd was able to walk away from the California beach alive.

2 - Bethany Hamilton
In 2003, on Halloween night, a young 13-year-old California girl swam out with her paddle board down Tunnels Beach on the shores of Hawaii. Around 7 am the girl felt a stab on her arm from a 14-foot tiger shark, it was the last time she would feel her left arm. Her name was Bethany Hamilton and if it weren't for her companions. Alana, Holt and Byron Blanchard, she would have lost her life. After pulling Bethany to shore, Alana's father tied a tourniquet above her severed arm with a leash, as they struggled to get their bleeding friend to the hospital. Within a month, Bethany was back in the water, two years later, despite the lack of her left arm, the young California surfer girl won the NSSA, becoming the 2005 National Champion. In 2011 an autobiographical movie about her triumph over adversity, Soul Surfer premiered to hushed audiences. In 2014, Bethany took first place in the Surf n Sea Pipeline Pro, and she continues to surf and love the waves to this day.

1 - The Jersey Shore and Joseph Dunn
In ten long harrowing days of the summer of 1916, five agonising shark attacks occurred along the Jersey Shoreline, resulting in one massive injury and four fatalities. A tremendous heat wave, an influx of tourism due to the new attractions on the boardwalk and overfishing leaving a dwindling food supply are all believed to be reasons which led to the carnage at the shallow end of the coast. The first attack happened to Charles Vansant, who was taking a swim just after dusk fell, he would not survive. Less than one week later, Charles Bruder fell victim to another hungry shark, he too would not survive the vicious wounds. The final attack took three victims, only one would live through the encounter with the great white shark. The survivor was one Joseph Dunn who lost his leg as a result after a vicious tug of war battle with the shark, the 14-year-old New Yorker was the only one to walk away from the Jersey Shore Shark Attacks. Many believe this merciless grouping of shark attacks along the eastern coast of the United States was the inspiration for the movie Jaws.


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